Beau Sawyer is an educational teacher-leader with the Trout Lake School District, acting as both the Assistant Principal and 6th/8th History teacher.  Mr. Sawyer is an educator who implements best-practice instructional strategies, committed to the success of all students.  He is dedicated to reconciling the science of implementing high-yield instructional strategies and the art of reaching students on both emotional and social levels.  Mr. Sawyer is loyal to the mission of the Trout Lake School and his loyalty manifests itself in support of administration, advocacy for students, and implementation of programs.

    Beau Sawyer was born and raised in Alaska before joining the Trout Lake community in 2019.  Sawyer and his wife, an Applied Behavior Analyst and educator, share seven children.  The Sawyers enjoy the outdoors and traveling and are excited to be a part of the amazing community that is Trout Lake.  




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