• Kindergarten
    Daily Schedule
      8:19   Attendance and morning routine
      8:25   Calendar
      8:40   Language Arts/Story
      9:10   Music (M,W,F)/PE (T, Th) and Recess
    10:05   Snack
    10:20   Math Instruction
    11:00   Reading Instruction
    11:50   Centers
    12:30   Lunch and Recess
      1:20   Quiet Time/Free Book Choice
      1:45   Writing Instruction
      2:15   Science/Social Studies
      2:55   Clean Up
      3:05   Dismiss

              If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom, please let me know!  We have a variety of opportunities that include (but are not limited to) reading with children, copying and/or cutting out papers, writing with children, and even presenting some special knowledge you have to the class.  Volunteering can be on a weekly basis at a specified time or can be just occasional. Please let me know ahead of time when you would like to help out, as volunteers may not be needed at particular times of the day. 

         Our volunteers are required to fill out a background check form at the office before helping in the classroom.  Thank you! We are looking forward to having you in our classroom to experience kindergarten with us!


          Welcome to kindergarten at Trout Lake School!  I am so looking forward to working with your children and getting to know them.   I know we will have fun learning together this year!   Below I have listed some information I hope will be helpful to get our year off to a great start! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me here at the school (395-2571) or email me at d.wroe@tlschool.net.  I know we will be able to work together to make this year a wonderful experience for your children!


                *SCHOOL DAY – Our school day begins at 8:19 (first bell is at 8:16) and ends at 3:05. This can seem like a very long day for students at the beginning of the year.  Don’t be surprised if your child is more tired and/or emotional for a few weeks.

          If your child will ride the bus to school, please verify with the office the time your child will be picked up.  Also, PLEASE let me know whether your child will generally be getting picked up after school or will be riding the bus home.  If there is a change in your normal routine, please let the office know ASAP as they hand out bus notes/pick up notes for the students.  This helps make the end of the day less stressful for students if they know where they are to go. 

         The kindergarten students exit the building at the end of the day through the south doors (the covered area).  Students walk to buses from there.  If students are to be picked up, they wait with the teacher under the covered area until a parent comes to get them.  Students not picked up for some unexpected reason are taken to the office where a parent or emergency contact is then called.  Early pickups must be coordinated through the office as students must be signed out by a parent.


                *BREAKFAST -- Our school has a free breakfast program Monday – Thursday.  Breakfast is served in the Multipurpose Room from 7:50-8:10.  After eating breakfast, students will go to the gym for a before school recess.  If students eat breakfast at home, they will drop their bags off outside the classroom and then proceed to the gym.


                *SNACK – We will have a morning snack time each day.  Students are welcome to bring in a small snack to eat at this time.  For students who forget a snack, I try to keep graham crackers, pretzels, or goldfish crackers on hand for them to eat.  If parents would like to donate crackers, pretzels, or other for the class, I’m sure the students would enjoy that.  


                *LUNCH -- Kindergarten students will be eating lunch at school.  Students may bring their own lunch or purchase a meal from the school (includes entrée, milk and salad bar). A lunch menu for the month can be found on the school website. There are several microwaves in the lunchroom for heating up lunches and there is a lunchroom supervisor to help the students with this. Please no glass dishes or food that needs to be prepared. 


                *BOOKMOBILE -The bookmobile will be coming to the school approximately twice a month throughout the school year.  Students need to bring the books back on or before the next bookmobile day to get new books.  I do not keep track of overdue student books.  We have a tub in our classroom for turning in books before bookmobile day.  One library card will be mailed home and one will stay on the bookmobile for student use. If you do not want your child borrowing books from the bookmobile, please let me know.  If there are certain kinds of materials (comic books, videos, etc.) you do not want your child borrowing, please talk to your child about his or her choices.


                *SHOW AND SHARE – Show and Share is on Fridays.  This is the only time students are allowed to have toys at school.  Prior arrangements must be made to bring a live animal to school for show and share.


                *HOMEWORK – I will not be assigning regular homework this year.  We will, however, have occasional homework requests (collecting leaves, gathering data from home for graphing, etc.).  Students will also have some opportunities to take home reading materials to practice or math sheets to practice.


    *BOOK ORDERS - Scholastic book order forms will come home approximately once a month.  It is not required that you buy books.  If you choose to buy books, you may do so online (more information will be sent home on this) or send checks to school made out to Scholastic by the due date on the form.  It takes approximately 2 weeks for books to be shipped to the school


    *ALLERGIES – Please let me know if your child has any food allergies as we sometimes do food activities or cooking projects in class.


    *GYM SHOES – Students will need to have a separate pair of gym shoes for school.  Students will have PE in the gym this year and recess during bad weather will be in the gym. The shoes do not have to be new, but they need to have clean bottoms and must have non-marking soles to be used on the gym floor.


                *EXTRA CLOTHES – If your child is still occasionally having bathroom accidents, please include a change of clothes in his/her backpack.  Otherwise, you may get a phone call to come and bring in extra clothes.


       *PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES – Parent-teacher conferences will take place in the fall and the spring. 


                *PARENT HELPERS --Parents are invited to come and spend time in our classroom.  Please let me know when you are planning to visit. With some activities extra help is fabulous, but at other times, you will find that the students may not need extra help.  If you would like to come in and help in the classroom on a weekly basis, please let me know what days and times work best for you.


                *PARTIES – The elementary grades have three parties throughout the year – Harvest Fest, Winter party, and Valentine’s Day.  Parents will be asked to contribute goodies for one of the parties.  Students are allowed to bring in special treats for their birthday, but PLEASE let me know ahead of time to ensure there is no conflict.



         1. Listen when others are talking. (Eyes and ears on the speaker; hands, feet, and   mouth quiet)

                            2. Work and play cooperatively and safely.

                            3. Be respectful of others who are trying to work and learn.

                            4. Show respect for school and personal property.

                            5. Follow directions.

                *BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION -- The elementary classes do collect box tops for our school.   The box tops are worth 10 cents each to our school.  Box Top for Education is going digital!  You can add the app to your phone and take a picture of your store receipt throuth the app.  It will automatically update our school with your Box Top purchase so you won't have to clip box tops! The elementary uses this money for special programs such as Breakfast and Books and yearly field trips to see a children’s play performed in Portland.