• Lisa Fus

    Resource Teacher

    September 16, 2019


    Resource Syllabus

    The role of the Resource staff is to provide specialized instruction assistance or modifications for special needs students and their teachers so that these students have the opportunity to achieve success,.  Modification provided will be based on individual students’ needs and will aim to adjust the task difficulty to within the students’ ability range.  Modification may include rewording to make directions or assignments more clear, providing individualized or alternative material, covering material, or taking tests orally, etc.  Students may, as part of their program, be instructed in study skills, social skills, transitional, academic areas (math, reading, and/or writing) and/or vocational preparation.


    Resource support will be provided as much as possible within the regular classrooms (per their IEP).  In these cases, academic grades earned will be based on individual performance, the grading policy of the classroom teacher, and any alternative education plans that were developed.  Students will be expected to participate and perform to the best of their ability.


    Students who receive support in the Resource classroom will be given individualized instruction to more specifically address their academic needs.  In these cases, students will participate in programs or instruction at their assessed/demonstrated skill level and will be graded as follows:



    Grading Policy:


    Participation: Students will receive five points per day following the class rules. Absent student will not receive the five points for that day. There are 25 possible points per week.


    Class Rules:

    1) Be Safe

    2) Be Respectful

    3) Be Positive

    4) Do Your Best

    5) Put Away Personal Electronics 


    Study Skills/High School Class Grading Policy:

    Students will receive seven points per day in these skill areas: punctuality, preparedness, productivity, an dpoliteness. Absent students will not receive the seven points. There are 35 possible points per week.



    1) Participation     25%

    2) Class Work       45%

    3) Tests                 30%



    -Every Three Tardies a student receives, excused or unexcused, equals on absence.

    -More than twelve absences may result in a loss of class credit in high school.

    This class follows all attendacne guidelines stated in the Student Handbook. Please refer to the Student Handbook for all other attendacne issues.