Welcome back to a new school year! I hope that your summer was enjoyable and restful. I am eager to see all the students back for school. We are gearing up for some hard work and fun times.

    Resource Staff (Paraeducator)

    The resource room is supported currently by two paraeducators and myself. We work together to provide the best services for our students. I will be contacting you individually with a Welcome Back letter for each child we instruct. If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to contact me directly through my email or call the school, l.fus@tlschool.net, 509-395-2571.

    The role of the Resource staff is to provide specialized instruction assistance or modifications for special needs students and their teachers, so these students have the opportunity to achieve success.  Individual student’s needs determine the accommodations and modifications. Modifications may include rewording to make directions or assignments more clear, providing individualized or alternative material, covering materials, or taking tests orally, etc.  Students may be instructed in study skills, social skills, transitional, academic areas (math, reading, and/or writing) and/or vocational preparation (per student’s Individual Educational Plan –IEP).  

    Grading Policy

    Participation Points:

    Students will receive participation points (6 points) every day. Absent students will not receive participation points for that day. There are 30 possible points per week.

    1-On time to class

    1-Attitude during class

    3-worked the full period (10 minutes of working = 1 point)

    1-Participation (asked questions, responded to teacher's questions)



    Be Safe

    Be Respectful

    Be Positive

    Do Your Best

    Put Away Personal Electronics



     1) Participation 25%        

     2) Class work    45%  

     3) Tests           30%


    Grading Scale:

    100%-94%   =    A             79%-77% =    C+

    93%-90% =    A-           76%-73% =    C

    89%-87% =    B+            72%-70% =    C-

    86%-83% =    B             69%-65% =    D+

    82%-80% =    B-            64%-60% =    D

                                                 59% and below = F




    -Every three tardies a student receives, excused or unexcused, equals one absence.

    -More than 12 absences may result in a loss of class credit.

                 -At two tardies, you will receive a verbal warning

                 -At three tardies, you will receive a class consequence.

    -This class follows all the attendance guidelines stated in the Student Handbook.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for all other attendance issues.