• Purpose: To allow students the opportunity to build a supportive community and improve the necessary skills for pursuing rigorous curriculum in high school.
    • Course Objectives:

    By the end of the course students will;

    1. Have the skills and tools for managing school schedule including long term projects.
    2. Set and pursue goals.
    3. Maintain and present portfolios in student led conferences.
    4. Improve critical thinking skills through reading, writing, and discussion.
    • Class Format

    You are expected to be on time, be prepared with materials and be willing to participate in class. The week will begin with instruction and activities that focus on course objectives.  Fridays will be binder check day and you will be given this day for independent work of student’s choice.

    • Requirements
    1. Class attendance is crucial to understanding and staying current. Be prepared to make up work as soon as possible upon returning from absences.  Don’t hesitate to contact fellow students or myself for help.
    2. Assignments need to be done in a timely manner.
    3. Materials- 2”-3” three-ring binder, highlighters, pencils, pens, 6”ruler, pencil pouch, paper, and 2 spiral notebooks.


    • Grading Procedures
    • 40% Participation- Attending class, filling in assignment sheet daily, and being prepared and involved in class activities.
    • 40% Assignments- Each assignment will have a point value based on effort and correctness
    • 20% Binder- Weekly binder check of organization and completeness.



    7th grade Semester 1 

    This semester will include an introduction to the course with a focus on organization of binder, time management, note taking, vocabulary development and keyboarding.   Being able to set a personal, academic and service goal will be the focus of the Fall student  led conference. Students will recognize their abilities and develop new skills in order to reach their goals. We will explore the mind; how it grows and develops to encourage learning. 


    8th grade Semester 2

    Eighth graders will continue to work on developing study skills including a keyboarding review, portfolio development and oral presentation skills. Students will do speeches on a variety of subjects including a presentation of their portfolios at Student Lad Conferences. The spring conferences will be a reflection of learning and accomplishments this year, as well as planning highschool. 


    Alta course activities include:                                



     Note taking                                                   

     Annotating text                                            
    Goal Setting                                                    
    Speech writing and presenting
    Essay writing 
    Group discussions