• Mrs. Davis’s General Information Newsletter 

    Fifth Grade Daily Schedule

    1st Period—Social Studies and Science with Mrs. Davis

    2nd Period—Reading with Mrs. Davis

    3rd Period—Writing with Mrs. Davis

    4th Period—Art with Ms. Fogarty or Band with Mr. Coleman

    5th Period—English Language Arts with Mrs. Davis

    6th Period—Math with Mrs. Zalaznik

    7th Period—PE with Mr. Colburn

    Half Days-School Begins: 8:20am   School Ends: 11:48am

    Arrival– Students turn in their homework before school starts in Mrs. Davis’ classroom. After this, students put all of their things in their lockers and can head to breakfast in the cafeteria, change their shoes to play in the gym, hangout in the 5th grade hallway only, or check out books in the library.

    Dismissal—Students last period class is PE. The last point I will see my students is at the end of 5th period at 12:30pm, right before lunch. The students exit the building at the end of the day through the main doors.

    Homework- Students will have homework every night. Your student’s homework is to read 20 minutes/5 days a week and record information on the reading log calendar. There should be an entry for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (Saturday and Sunday are optional).  Reading logs will be checked daily; thus, students need to bring their reading logs to school every day. Parents please initial your student’s reading log each night. Weekly planners will be sent home Friday, should be signed and returned on the following Monday. Please check your student’s weekly planner daily for other homework assignments.

    Classroom Behavior- Our classroom behavior system is a token economy system called Davis Dollars. When the students enter the room, they begin to earn classroom cash for performing their job as a student.  Just as I earn money to teach (although I do love it, I also get compensated for it), the students earn money for getting to school on time, turning in homework, being on task, and completing classroom jobs.  They also earn money for outstanding behavior, helping others without being asked, getting compliments from other teachers, etc. In turn, students will also lose money for being off task or neglecting their student duties. This token economy is such a motivator for students and teaches some great concepts like budgeting, responsibility, variety of math concepts, decision-making and teamwork. Students will get to spend their Davis Dollars twice a month in the classroom store. Students can purchase items like a free homework pass, extra computer time, sit by your friend for the day, extra   recess, and small trinkets and food items. Students will also be involved in coming   up with their own ideas for the classroom store. If you would like to donate   items to the classroom  store, please just write me and e-mail or send a note. 

    Classroom Rules—Our classroom rules help all students to learn in a safe environment. These are the expectations that all fifth grade students will be held to:

    1.Be Respectful

    2.Be Responsible

    3.Be Ready for Class

    4.Be Reliable

    5.Be a Role Model

    School Supplies- Each student will keep his or her own supplies in their desk and locker. Extra supplies are greatly appreciated and will be stored in the classroom for general classroom use! There will be a wishlist posted outside the classroom door and on the classroom website with items our classroom currently needs.

    Grade Checks—Grade checks happen every three weeks. Please do not wait until progress reports or parent-teacher conferences to see how your child is doing. You can access your child’s grades through the Skyward Parent Access. I will try to keep this as updated as I can. Please see Robin Dearden in the office to receive log-in and password information.

    Catch Up Club—Catch Up Club is after lunch three to four days a week in the library. If your student has a missing or late assignments, Mrs. Davis will inform he or she about attending Catch Up Club after lunch. Missing reading homework will be made up in Catch Up Club.

    Corrections—The main purpose of doing corrections is to help your student learn the material that was covered in a lesson or unit. The second benefit of doing corrections is that your grades improve! Every corrected quiz score is averaged with the original score. Corrections for assignments are due the day after the  assignment is returned to you! Corrections for quizzes must be arranged with Mrs. Davis the day your quiz is returned. Mrs. Davis will arrange a make-up quiz time that allows you to study the material before you retake the quiz. A correction sheet will be sent home with more detailed explanations.

    Letter Grades/Report Cards—This is the very first year your child will be receiving letter grades on their report card.  Letter grades are determined by the following scale:

    A  93.5%-100%

    A-  89.5%-93.4%

    B+  87.5%-89.4%

    B  83.5%-87.4%

    B-  79.5%-83.4%

    C+  77.5%-79.4%

    C  73.5%-77.4%

    C-  69.5%-73.4%

    D+  67.5%-69.4%

    D  60% - 67.4%  

    F  59.9% and below

    Parent-Teacher Conferences- Parent-teacher conferences will take place in the fall and the spring. As you know your child better than anyone, if there is anything that you feel I should know about your child that would help ensure he or she has a successful year, I encourage you to set up a time when we can discuss this matter. Please do not feel you must wait until the conference days.

    Snack - Should be nutritious and brought from home each day.

    Lunch - Lunch and lunch money is for your child and your child only. Students are not allowed to share food or money with others. Lunch money should be turn into the office before school.

    Gym Shoes- Students will need to have a separate pair of gym shoes for school. The shoes do not have to be new, but they need to have clean bottoms and must have non-marking soles to be used on the gym floor. These shoes will be stored in their gym lockers.

    Classroom Library—Students will be able to check out classroom library books. Students are allowed to check out up to 3 books from the classroom library at any time by checking them out on the students’ reading logs. Students are allowed to bring these books home; however, fines will be assessed if books are lost or ruined.

    Trout Lake School Library – Students will be able to check out books at the library. We will not have a designated weekly library time, but students may go to the library before school, during their lunch hour, after school, and occasionally during English Language Arts time. Students need to be responsible for returning and renewing their own books.

    Book Mobile - We will visit the book mobile at our school every other week. Students need to bring the books back on or before the next bookmobile day to get new books. I do not keep track of overdue book student books. We have a tub in our classroom for turning in books before the bookmobile day.

    Books Orders- Scholastic book order forms will be sent home approximately once a month. It is not required that you buy books. If you choose to buy books, you may do so online (more information will be sent home on this) or send checks with the order form to school with the check made out to Scholastic by the due date on the form. It takes approximately 2 weeks for the books to be shipped to the school.

    Birthdays - You are welcome to send a birthday treat to school with your child on their birthday. Students whose birthdays fall in the Summer will have an optional assigned day in June to bring treats if they wish.

    Field Trips - We have 2 pre-planned field trips. One is for our SECRETS program and will happen in early-to-mid October. The other field trip is for the annual play in Portland. This year the play will be in December. 

    Classroom Parties - Throughout the school year, we will have a few themed parties.  Please look for information to be sent home in the future with the dates and details. 

    Field Trips - Please look for a letter and permission slip to be sent home with the date and details of any field trips.  Parent chaperones will be needed.  There are 2 forms you can fill out and return to the office if you would like to be a volunteer on a field trip.

    Parent Volunteers- Parents are invited to come and help out in our classroom on an as needed basis. There is not a huge need for parent volunteers in the classroom, but I will inform you of all opportunities. Information will be sent home in late September or early October about how to volunteer inside and outside of the classroom. There will be at-home volunteer opportunities as well.

    Classroom Website- Trout Lake School’s Daily Bulletin and Calendar and our Classroom Website are accessible at www.troutlake.k12.wa.us