• Classes


    Elementary Music Classes: Elementary students will experience a wide array of musical styles. They will gain an understanding of melody, rhythm, harmony, and timbre (tone) by responding vocally and physically to music. Later, they will sing, play instruments, improvise, read notation, compose, and perform traditional, contemporary, and original music. These activities continue throughout the entire music education of students at Trout Lake.


    Beginning Band: 5th and 6th Grade students will learn the basics of instrument performance. In class, they learn more advanced notation and increased independence. They perform several times throughout the year.


    Middle School Band: 7th and 8th Grade students further their study of instrument technique. They also play more complicated music, learn more about improvisation, and explore a more theoretical side to composition. They continue to perform several public concerts.


    High School Band: High school students split their band rehearsal time between Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Pep Band. They learn more styles of music and become deeply familiar with their instruments. Their improvisation is based more largely on jazz tradition. In addition to concerts at Trout Lake, they play at multiple festivals in the area. They are required to play in the Pep Band at all basketball games.
    PACE: Students learn how to become successful professionals in the modern world, exploring diverse approaches including digital storytelling through video.