• Scholarships

    Trout Lake Scholarship Database

    This is a database I update yearly as I receive scholarship information from foundations. Most of these are local and our students have had success with many of these applications.


    Raise is a site where our students can start earning scholarships starting in 9th grade for a variety of activities including; grades in academic classes, athletic participation, Robotics, performance, community service, employment, college visits, PSAT & SAT scores and providing help with family responsibilities. I meet with the students annually to update their accounts and encourage them to share this information with the adults who are responsible for them with mixed results. If you are reading this please ask your student to show you their account.


    Is a clearinghouse for scholarships which are mostly for students attending schools in the state of Washington. Students create an account and update their profiles throughout their time in high school.


    Scholarships.com is a popular scholarship search engine.


    Cappex provides a scholarship search section but is mostly used to research colleges.

    These are the main ones I recommend and I  emphasizing the Trout Lake Database because I know students who have been successful with these applications. The majority of scholarship awards come from the Colleges and Universities students apply to. Please make sure your student applies for all scholarships available from the schools they are interested in. One word of caution, paying for scholarship matching services is not recommended. The aforementioned reputable sites listed here provide an exhaustive list of applications and are free. Some companies will advertise scholarships that you can win that are drawings or given out randomly. These sites are able to do this because they are selling the applicants information which may or not be something you are interested in.

    Please contact Will Walters, school counselor,  if you have any questions or would like assistance with your application.