• 2019-2020

    Ms. Nakae

    There are no secrets to success. It is a result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” Colin Powell (4-Star Army General)

    Course Description: Math Fundamentals is a course that will allow you to learn math that is specific to your needs. We will also explore the wide range of ways to use and play with math.


    • Chromebook with charger
    • Headphones or earbuds
    • Spiral notebook, graph paper preferred
    • Pencil (please do not use pen on homework!)
    • Optional: colored pencils

     Expectations: Please come prepared with materials and the intention to focus on math. Take responsibility for your learning by using the resources available to you including the on-line materials , Khan Academy, and ME ! Be curious, ask questions and give yourself room to make mistakes. Learning takes time and effort, so use your time wisely and you will find success.


    Mon.-Thurs.- Each Monday students will review work and create a calendar of weekly assignments. Then, using the on-line course, students will work independently in class. At the end of each day, students will reflect on completed work and receive assignment points. Unfinished daily work will be assigned as homework. 

    Fri.- at the end of each week we will do INVESTIGATIONS which are group or partner activities that incorporate math and reasoning skills with communication and cooperation. 


    Tests and Quizzes 50% 

    • Quizzes will be graded according to the course you are enrolled in. I will then convert the % to a 1-10 point scale. Tests will be at the end of units and worth 100 pts. 

    Classwork/Homework 50%

    • Classwork and homework are expected to be done in a timely manner. It is worth 10 pts per assignment. Unfinished work assigned as homework can earn as much as 8 points with the extra 2 points being awarded if the work is brought in on hte next school day. 
    •  Your participation is crucial to understanding the concepts.  Classwork will include in class activities and learning reflections.

     Grading Scale

    94 – 100     A       80 - 82  B-          60 – 69       D

    90 – 93       A-      78 - 79  C+        Below 60     F

    88 – 89       B+     73 – 77  C

    83 - 87       B        70 – 72  C-

     Homework/Assignment Policy

    To receive credit for a homework assignment the student must:

         1) Complete the entire assignment.

         2) Show work for problems as required..

         3) Have the assignment completed and in class when it is due.

         4) Maintain a homework schedule to be checked for a grade after 5 assignments.

     Make up policy: It is your responsibility to request makeup work. If it is a planned or unexpected absence, this includes school extra curricular, please have your weekly calendar prepared so you are aware of the work you need to complete.  You will be given one day per absence to complete the assignment for full credit. 

     Academic Integrity: It is your responsibility to do your work and get help when you need it. There will be times to work together, but the burden of understanding the concepts is on each individual which means you must contribute to the group and continue to ask questions if you don’t understand. Please take your education seriously.

     Cell Phones/Electronics Policy Cell phones and other electronic devices are to be turned off and stored during and between all classes.  They are a disruption to the learning environment. Any violations of the policy will result in confiscation of the device and an administrative referral.  

     Suggestions for study skills: The best way to study for math is to work the daily assigned problems and check them as you go. If you get it wrong rework it carefully considering each step in the process. Use your notes and sample problems from the text to guide you. If you are struggling, consider your options for extra help.  I also encourage you to work as a group on your homework, if possible. Group work encourages interaction, which in turn makes your learning more active, thereby engaging your brain in a way that creates connections and improves memory. In addition, it is more efficient to work through problems with others contributing ideas, than to muddle through on your own! Be responsible with this option (see Academic Integrity)

     Contact information: Extra Help:

    Phone # 509 395 2685                                                    Before school 7:30-8:15 Mon-Fri

    Email                                              After school 3:05-4 pm Mon & Wed.

                                                                                         Study Group - Tues. 7:30-9 pm (Library)