• Trout Lake 7th-8th Grade Physical Education

    Mr. Walters and Mrs. Fink

    w.walters@tlschool.net and j.fink@tlschool.net


    Welcome to your physical education class. Please take some time to read the information described in this document that contains details about what we will be learning as well as what is expected of students.

    Class Expectations 

    1. Be in the gym, dressed in your school-issued PE clothes two minutes after the passing bell rings in your assigned position.
    2. Be on your best behavior during class and in the locker room. 
    3. Treat classmates, teachers, the school building and equipment with respect.
    4. Give your best effort in all activities, so that everyone can learn and have fun in a productive, engaging way. 
    5. Follow all district rules and guidelines as stated in the student handbook.


    Course goals

    • The general course goals for physical education are to enhance general wellness by introducing students to the benefits of lifelong health and fitness and participation in sports and physical activities.  
    • We will learn the skills and techniques of how to play several different sports including soccer, basketball, volleyball, disc golf, softball, and more. 
    • We will also learn some fundamentals of strength training and running. 
    • We will explore many different life lessons that we can learn through sports.
    • We will learn and apply some basic nutritional principles to contribute to lifelong health and fitness. 
    • We will have some classroom days dedicated to health and life skills.

    Students in this class will:

    • Safely participate in activities that involve risk, cooperation and etiquette
    • Develop a variety of sports skills and lifetime activities
    • Become more self-directed and responsible for their own actions


    Grades will be determined by a cumulative point system. To calculate your grade, simply divide the total points the student earned by total possible points.

    • Daily points:  These are the vast majority of the points in this class. You will earn five daily points per class for being on time, dressed in your PE uniform, have a great attitude and give your best effort as well as demonstrate appropriate behavior.  Points will be deducted if any of the above are missing. If you miss days due to excused absences, you will need to complete make-up activities in order to regain the points that you missed. 
    • Physical Testing: The student’s physical fitness and strength will be assessed every month using the President’s fitness tests. Each testing time will be worth 12.5 points (one week). In order to receive these points, the students need to complete the tests and record them in the folders we will use to keep a record.  If a student is absent, injured, or sick when we test, they will be given an opportunity to make it up at a future date.   
    • Assignments: 
      • Fall Assignment: PE Activity Design
        • You will be partnered up with someone else in the class. You and your partner will create a PE activity that can be played by our class for 20 min. On the date this assignment is due, you and your partner need to submit a written description of the game. An example of a written description is given in the document on Google Classroom. After the assignments are turned in, I will make a schedule of when we will play the activities. On the day you are scheduled, you and your partner will teach the class how to play your game. I will grade you based on the creativity and quality of your game as well as how well you and your partner teach the class how to play it. 
        • Due Date: October 25th
      • Potential Spring Assignment
      • Journal/Calendar-Students will be asked to keep a record of physical activities and other health-related activities that they do outside of class to be turned in once per month. Students should have a minimum of 5 activities described in order to receive the maximum 10 points.
      • There may also be small assignments worth 5-10 points scattered throughout the semester on various sports, health-related topics and life-skills.



    Most units will be done for approximately 3 weeks unless otherwise listed.  Some units may be added or changed as needed.

    • Soccer
    • Flag Football
    • Disc Golf (1-2 weeks)
    • Volleyball
    • Floor Hockey (2 weeks)
    • Dodgeball
    • Basketball
    • Indoor Soccer
    • Pickleball (1-2 Weeks)
    • Handball (1-2 Weeks)
    • Ultimate Frisbee
    • Disc Golf
    • Track
    • Softball
    • Badminton