• During the 2020-2021 school year, we will be offering Bridge to College English Prep.

    This course came into existence after a pilot process with students and teachers across Washington state. The course is designed for students who need two years to develop the skills and abilities required to be college ready. After completing Bridge to College English Prep in their junior year, students would then be ready for Bridge to College English (BTCE) in their senior year. Like BTCE, Bridge to College English Prep is a year-long course focusing on the key readiness standards from Washington State’s K-12 Learning Standards for English Language Arts. The course is based on the same module template as BTCE and provides teachers with modules to choose from that have been selected specifically for students preparing to take BTCE. The biggest difference between the two courses is in pacing - BTCE requires 6 modules, BTCE Prep only requires 5. 

    This is a new course for everyone and I look forward to our process together.