• Superintendent Update

    May/June 2017

    “Bloom well……….today and always” Joseph Mazzela

    The calendar tells us that spring is here, but apparently no one has told this year’s winter to go away. In spite of the cold weather, I observed a beautiful flower springing up in my yard the other day. After a cold and gray winter, seeing a beautiful flower, rekindles hope and inspiration for the future.   It has occurred to me at times that this has some parallels to the lives of people as well. Some folks are able to go through many trials and still manage to have positive, hopeful outlooks.   They are even more inspirational than that spring flower that I saw in my yard. I am blessed to work with students and staff at Trout Lake School that have such attributes.   

    Track: After two years of work, including over $80,000 raised by the Trout Lake Community, the Trout Lake School Board accepted a bid to build the Trout Lake School and Community Athletic track. This will be an incredible school and community asset. The eight lane track will be on the site of the current grass track and soccer field, and will provide a high quality and safe surface for all of our students, staff and community.    With over 80 students participating in our competitive after school program, the track will be a welcome addition for our student athletes and their coaches. The school will be able to host high school track meets as well as youth meets during the summer.   Construction will begin in late June or early July and be completed by mid September. I appreciate all those people both in and outside of the community that have been so supportive. It is exciting to see this coming together.  If you have questions about the new track, stop by and I can roll out the plans and try to answer your questions. 

    Volunteers: As superintendent of this district, I am so thankful for the many community volunteers we have in our school. Let me give just a few examples of where volunteers have made an impact!

    • Reading with our elementary students

    • Working in the kitchen helping to serve great lunches

    • Parents helping to put on two student plays

    • Chaperoning school field trips, dances, and other school events

    • Acting as a special speaker in our classes

    • Helping teachers in their classrooms

    • Opening up your business for school field trips

    • Serving on special committees like the levy committee or track task force

    • Attending principal coffees

    • Giving advice/expertise about various projects

    • Helping to maintain school athletic grounds

    • Helping to plant trees

    • Serving with special events like the Christmas Extravaganza or Harvest Festival

    • Helping to coach various sports. This was especially important with this year’s track team as we had over 80 participants

    These are just a few of the many ways community volunteerism makes our school a great place for kids! Thanks so much for your support!