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    Welcome to the Trout Lake School Lunch Program Page! 



    Would you like to eat with us?  Great! Just call Stephanie in the front office by 10 a.m. and she will add you to the count =)  

    If you or your student have food restrictions and are joining us on a day that the menu requests advanced notice of special needs, please e mail me a day in advance.  I aim to please and absolutely understand the variety of food restrictions many of us have.  

    For families new to Trout Lake School, check out the note at the bottom of this page outlining prices for meals and what not.   Also, we have snacks available for purchase as well (100% fruit juice in plastic bottles, whole grain chips, cheesy popcorn, granola bars, 100% fruit snacks, etc. (prices vary).  You may want to have conversations with your little ones about what they are permitted by you to purchase. Special events are listed in the daily bulletin accessible on the school's home web page.

    One Friday of each month, we will sell novelty ice cream to the lower school students for $1.50. Upper school students may purchase ice cream each Friday. Occasionally, there will be *special* ice cream days where we are selling scooped ice cream. These will be announced in the Trout Lake Times Daily Bulletin.

    The meat we serve is from Draper Valley Farms, Painted Hills, Mountain Shadow, Applegate, and Shelton. We are delighted to have offerings from Blue Skies Bakery making it onto our menus each month. 

    Thank you in advance for peeking at this site often, and if you ever have questions about ingredients or the school lunch program please send me an e-mail to  j.fuentes@tlschool.net and I will do my very best to answer your query.

    Warmly, Jennifer Fuentes 

    P.S.: Please note that while the menus listed are what we *plan* on serving on that given day, it is possible that unforeseen last minute circumstances may prevent us from serving that meal, and we will work hard to accommodate. 

    Please see the lunch menu tab to the left for up to date hot lunch offerings (meals are also listed in the daily school bulletin in case there is a menu uploading snafu). 

    Each meal currently  includes milk and salad. Of course, we will also have the Salad Bar available daily, as well. The large salad includes milk. Below, find a key that explains some symbols you may see in the menu.  

    V=Vegetarian or Vegetarian Option* Available 

    GF= Gluten Free or Gluten Free Option*Available 

    D= Contains Dairy The Salad Bar will always include gluten free, dairy free, and meat free options.  


    Prices:   Milk 50 cents 

    Meal for K-5 $3.00 (includes milk) 

    Meal for 6-12 $3.50 (includes milk) 

    Adult Meal $4.00

    Side salad $2.50 (1 trip) 

    Full salad bar (1 trip, includes milk) $3.50

    Cups of water are always available :)