• Welcome to Trout Lake Spanish!                                   

    Name: Andrew T. Holmes (a.k.a. Profe)

    Email Address: a.holmes@tlschool.net   

    Phone number: (509) 395-2571

       Trout Lake offers an rigorous Spanish Language Program that spans 1st grade through High School. This program provides an amazing opportunity for the students at Trout Lake school to make Spanish a part of their life through the years as they earn a top notch education at Trout Lake School.
       The commitment of the staff, administration and school board to provide a comprehensive foreign language education is invaluable to small town students who in most cases would not have access to such high quality education. What truly makes this school special 
    is the supportive community and hard working teachers and staff at Trout Lake School. Like most things at Trout Lake School
    the Spanish program is a reflection of this amazing place. 

    Crater Lake