5/6 Cityscape Project

5/6 Art

Syllabus & Overview of Course

  • Supplies: Students should provide the materials listed in the school supply list. Students should make a work area at home that has good light and space for completing artwork. All other needed materials will be provided in kits that come home. Students may elect to use other personal materials when appropriate to the assignment.  Students will not keep a sketchbook during online learning, but there will be packets with sketchbook activities that will be returned at the end of units.

    Objectives and Projects: The goal of this course is to offer a broad overview of many of the techniques and concepts used in Visual Art.  Students will learn about the Elements of Design and how they influence the appearance of art.  Students will learn about the relationship between Form and Function and how one affects the other.

    Expectations: Students will respect themselves, others, and the work being made. Students will use materials responsibly and safely. Students will accept the responsibilities of engaging in online learning by using Google Classroom and showing up at Meet times, and they will adhere to the Code of Conduct (see Google Classroom) when they are online together. Students will be present online or making work, and ready to learn each day. 3-4 days a week this will be independent learning done through assignments in Google Classroom. Tuesdays will be our day for a Google Meet during our regular class period (10:58-11:48), and Thursdays I will have individual or small group Meets. Thursday Meets will have advanced notification, and they will also be during our regular class time. I will be available for appointments and drop-in office hours M-F from 2:15-3:30. 

    Attendance and Participation: The school attendance policy for online learning will be followed.  Please refer to the materials sent out by the school this year, as policies will differ from previous years.  Tuesday Meets are mandatory. If you know that you will miss a scheduled Meet, you need to inform me in advance. If you are unable to attend a Meet due to technical difficulties, please let me know what the problem was ASAP, and follow up by watching the recorded Meet when you have access to it. Online work should be accessed through Google Classroom. Hard copy work will be sent or available for pick up depending on the circumstances. I will be holding office hours every Monday-Friday afternoon from 2:15 until 3:30. A link will be made available in an email that comes to students and parents. Each slot is 15 mins. Drop-in will be available if no one has a scheduled appointment. This is a great way to ask questions and get one-one help when needed.

    Grading: Students will receive letter grades. Work that is late will drop one letter grade. If there are extenuating circumstances, please arrange for a later turn-in date before the date the work is due.  Work will consist of short assignments and larger projects. In addition, there will be a Meet participation grade. You should be using Skyward and Google Classroom regularly to see your grades and missing assignments. Final Projects: 50%   Practice and Sketchbook: 20% Participation: 30%

    Eating/Drinking: Please do not eat during Google Meets. You may have something to drink with you provided it is not a distraction to you or others. I would strongly discourage eating during art making as well. Food and drinks can soil artwork and ruin time spent. Also, many art supplies should not be ingested, and hands covered with art materials should not be used for eating until washed. 

    Electronic Devices: Use of personal devices during Meets other than what is needed to participate in our Meet activities will not be allowed. Chromebooks can be used for any computer-based needs.  Students will be responsible for the charging and readiness of their devices.

    Copyright and Plagiarism: All work turned in must be original and your own.  Other artists’ work is vast and easy to access on the internet, but it is not there for you to copy.  Likewise, you may not have another student finish your work.  Work found to be copied will not receive credit.