• Elementary Spanish 

    The elementary Spanish class is for grades 1 through 4. Each grade has Spanish once/week on average. The elementary Spanish class focuses on vocabulary acquisition, basic grammar structures, and cultural connections through songs, games, books, and other manipulatives.

    7th/8th Grade Spanish and ALTA

    This class is designed to give students a solid foundation of the Spanish language in preparation for Spanish 1 and 2 at the high school level. Each day we will practice the four necessary skills for acquiring a second language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. This course also incorporates the ALTA curriculum (Achievement Leads to Advancement) which is designed To allow students the opportunity to build a supportive community and improve the necessary skills for pursuing rigorous curriculum in high school. This is a semester long class (8th grade students first semester, 7th grade students second semester).

    Spanish 1 

    In this course students will continue to develop their Spanish speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. Students who successfully complete this course will show proficiency at the Intermediate Low level (in accordance with ACTFL language standards) and receive 1 World Language credit (2 required for graduation). We will look at language functions and grammar structures that will allow students to communicate on a variety of topics. 

    5th Grade Math

    Here is a list of all of the things we will be learning in 5th grade math:

    1. Write and understand numerical expressions
    2. Analyze patterns and relationships
    3. Understand the place value system
    4. Perform operations with multi-digit whole numbers AND with decimals down to hundredths!
    5. Use equivalent fractions as a strategy to add and subtract fractions
    6. Apply and extend understanding of multiplication and division to multiply and divide fractions
    7. Convert like measurement units within a given system
    8. Represent and interpret data
    9. Understand concepts of volume
    10. Graph points on a coordinate plane
    11. Classify two - dimensional figures into categories