Home & Family

  • Supplies

    Students should come prepared with one section of their binder (or a separate 1” binder) devoted to Home and Family.  Students need lined paper and writing utensils, erasers. Chromebooks should be charged and ready when needed. Some projects will be completed at home and others at school. When materials are out of the ordinary, they will be provided.


    Objectives and Projects

    The role of the Home and Family class is to provide basic health information as required by the state, and to learn life skills that will be helpful as you segue from teen to adult. We will learn about nutrition, physical exercise, drug safety, mental health, growth and development, human sexuality; as well as cooking, sewing, house skills, money management and other skills necessary for adulthood. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns about the curriculum. I am happy to review any class materials and curriculum.



    Students will be present and ready to learn each day.

    Students will respect themselves, others, and the work being made.

    Students will use materials responsibly and safely.


    Attendance and Participation

    The school attendance policy will be followed.  Please refer to the student handbook. When students are absent, they will be responsible for making up the missed work. If absences are due to illness or quarantining, materials will be made available during the absence and possible adjustments to assignments may be made depending on the length of the absence. If the absence is due to appointments or vacations, the work missed can be collected and completed upon return to school.



    Students will receive letter grades. Work that is late will drop one letter grade. If there are extenuating circumstances, please arrange for a later turn in date before the date the work is due.  Homework will consist of short assignments and larger projects and presentations. In addition, there will be a daily participation grade.

    Electronic Devices and Music

    Use of personal devices during class will be in violation of school policy as outlined on page 9 of the student handbook.  If your device is out, it will be held until the end of class.  Chromebooks and headphones should be charged and ready for class when posted as needed.


    Copyright and Plagiarism

    All work turned in must be original and your own.  You may not have another student or adult complete your work.  Work done in groups must have equal contributions from each member. Work found to be copied will not receive credit.