6th Grade English Language Arts

  • Syllabus and Expectations



    Students should come prepared with one section of their binder (or a separate 1” binder) devoted to Reading/Writing.  Students need lined paper and writing utensils, erasers. Students will be supplied with a writing folder. Chromebooks should be charged and ready on a daily basis. All work will be completed at home unless we begin in-person learning. Most projects will be completed online and others in hard copy. When materials are out of the ordinary, they will be provided. Novels and other materials sent home will be assigned and numbered, and return of these items will be expected. Damage or loss will result in fees for replacement.

    Objectives and Projects:

    The 6th grade language arts class will focus on critical reading and development of academic writing skills as they build middle school abilities. Students will build their skills through close reading and writing in various formats. Grammar and vocabulary will be taught within the context of our reading and writing, as well as through direct instruction. Independent reading will be a part of our class each day, and students should spend 20 mins a day outside of online assignments reading a chosen book (an average of 1.25 hours a week). Students will self-select books that are appropriate to their reading ability, and books must be approved by the teacher. Our middle school language arts classes use the Collections curriculum from Houghton, Mifflin Harcourt. This curriculum integrates reading and writing together. Novel selections will support the themes presented in Collections. We will read excerpts from Brown Girl Dreaming, The House on Mango Street, The Journal of Ben Uchida, and They Called Us Enemy. We will also complete novel studies for either Farewell to Manzanar or Paper Wishes in the winter and then either The Dark Is Rising or The Tale of Despereaux in the spring. All readings may be accompanied by other articles and materials that support the curriculum as needed. If you have questions about the materials, please contact me at any time. In addition to our language arts curriculum, we will also be focusing on learning how to navigate and better use Google Drive, Classroom, and programs like Docs and Slides, as well as the online component of Collections. This knowledge will be crucial to navigating our work during online learning.


    Students who can, will be present and ready to learn each day. Students who are absent due to illness or quarantine need to be using their online and hardcopy materials to keep pace with the class to the best of their ability.

    Students will respect themselves, others, and the work being made in the classroom and at home. Work taken home will need to come back in good condition.

    Students will use materials responsibly and safely. The sharing of materials will be reduced as much as possible this year, therefore students must take care of the materials they have so that they last.

    Attendance and Participation

    The school attendance policy will be followed.  Please refer to the student handbook. When students are absent, they will be responsible for making up the work missed. If absences are due to illness or quarantining, materials will be made available during the absence and possible adjustments to assignments may be made depending on the length of the absence. If the absence is due to appointments or vacations, the work missed can be collected and completed upon return to school.


    Students will receive letter grades. Work that is late will drop one letter grade. If there are extenuating circumstances, please arrange for a later turn-in date before the date the work is due.  Work handed in without a name will lose points as well. In addition, a daily participation grade will be given.  This is a good time to get used to checking Skyward and Google Classroom to see your grades and missing assignments.


    As mask-wearing will be a necessary part of class this year, I will not be allowing eating in the classroom during class time, but students are encouraged to have water bottles. We will have a daily mask break at the end of period 2.

    Electronic Devices and Music

    Use of personal devices during class will be in violation of school policy as outlined on page 9 of the student handbook.  If your device is out, it will be held until the end of class. Chromebooks will be distributed in this class and be used for any computer-based needs.  Each student will be responsible for an assigned Chromebook. Earbuds and a mouse are encouraged for use with the Chromebook.

    Copyright and Plagiarism

    All work turned in must be original and your own.  You may not have another student or adult to complete your work.  You may not copy text off the internet to turn as your own. Work found to be copied will not receive credit.