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Letter to the Community from Trout Lake School Board of Directors

Trout Lake School Community:


The Trout Lake School will operate in accordance with the emergency directive from Governor Inslee and the Washington State Department of Health that all students and staff wear face coverings, regardless of vaccination status, in Washington K-12 schools this fall.


This is not a matter that is decided at the local school board level. But there are real consequences to school districts that choose to defy this requirement such as not receiving funding or insurance, both of which could force the school to close.


We have heard from members of our community that feel strongly about a mask requirement; some in support of it, others against it. We share many of these concerns. Still, masks are worn primarily to protect the people around us, and the state has made our obligations clear.


As a district, one of our main priorities during the pandemic has been figuring out how to offer in-person instruction to students as we are well aware of the social, emotional and academic challenges to the at-home, virtual learning model. We are proud of the amount of in-person learning our students received last year which was much more than most schools in the state. Masks, as wells as other efforts to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in our school, are measures that will help keep the school open for in-person learning.


We understand that wearing masks for a full school day will be challenging and are exploring options with the superintendent that will allow for breaks during the day that are still in compliance with the directive.


Our community, like all others, is tired of the pandemic and the changes/restrictions that it has placed on our lives. We were looking forward to the start of a school year with reduced complications, but that it not turning out to be the case given the massive impact of the Delta variant. We're going to need to dig a little deeper for our community and practice compassion and patience toward/with our administration and staff as they continue to guide the school through this challenge.



Trout Lake School Board Directors